Alcohol use and misuse: a profile of adolescents from 2018 Italian HBSC data



Objective. Alcohol remains the most commonly substance used by adolescents.The aim
of the study was to draw a comprehensive picture of the behavioural patterns that characterize alcohol use and abuse among 15-year-olds.
Materials and methods. The study sample included 18,918 15-year-olds participating
in the 2018 Italian Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) survey. A Bayesian
approach was adopted for selecting the manifest variables associated with alcohol
consumption; a latent class regression model was employed to identify health-related risk
patterns associated with alcohol use.
Results. 21% of our sample represented the cluster of heavy drinkers who shared other
risk behaviours: heavy smoking habits (29%), cannabis (68%), gambling (52%) and
drunkenness (76%) experience, binge drinking (96%) and sexual intercourse (51%).
Conclusions. Our results confirm multiple risk-taking behaviours among adolescents
tending to cluster in behavioural patterns. This has implications for public health policies
and must be considered when planning interventions and prevention strategies.

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Lorena Charrier - University of Torino

Natale Canale

Paola Dalmasso

Alessio Vieno

Veronica Sciannameo

Alberto Borraccino

Patrizia Lemma

Silvia Ciardullo

Paola Berchialla

2018 HBSC-Italia Group

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Charrier, L., Canale, N., Dalmasso, P., Vieno, A., Sciannameo, V., Borraccino, A., … 2018 HBSC-Italia Group. (2020). Alcohol use and misuse: a profile of adolescents from 2018 Italian HBSC data. Annali dell’Istituto Superiore Di Sanità, 56(4), 531–537. Retrieved from
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