Impact of climate change on occupational exposure to solar radiation



Occupational exposure to solar radiation may induce both acute and long-term effects on skin and eyes. Personal exposure is very difficult to assess accurately, as it depends on environmental, organisational and individual factors. The ongoing climate change interacting with stratospheric ozone dynamics may affect occupational exposure to solar radiation. In addition, tropospheric levels of environmental pollutants interacting with solar radiation may be altered by climate dynamics, so introducing another variable affecting the overall exposure to solar radiation. Given the uncertainties regarding the direction of changes in exposure to solar radiation due to climate change, compliance of outdoor workers with protective measures and a proper health surveillance are crucial. At the same time, education and training, along with the promotion of healthier lifestyles, are of paramount importance.

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Carlo Grandi

Massimo Borra

Andrea Militello

Alessandro Polichetti

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Grandi, C., Borra, M., Militello, A., & Polichetti, A. (2016). Impact of climate change on occupational exposure to solar radiation. Annali dell’Istituto Superiore Di Sanità, 52(3), 343–356. Retrieved from
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