Training in pediatric palliative care in Italy: still much to do




Aim. This survey investigated the availability of training programs in pediatric palliative care (PPC) for Italian postgraduates specializing in pediatric medicine. Methods. Two questionnaires were developed: (i) a questionnaire addressed to the Directors of Italian postgraduate pediatric medicine programs (n = 37); and (ii) a survey to the postgraduate students in pediatric medicine at the University Hospitals of Padua and Udine (n = 127). Results. 14 directors participated (response rate: 37.8%). In 85.7% of cases (n = 12), lectures on PPC were offered, for a supposed maximum of 90 minutes/year. 116 students responded (response rate: 91%): they stated that, pproximately 40 min/year of training on PPC was provided. In total, 37% of responders stated they attended a PPC Service during their training. The majority of responders (68.1%, n = 79) did not feel ready to care for a pediatric patient with life-limiting disease. Conclusions. Although PPC is well-recognized as part of a pediatrician’s training, it receives poor attention.


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Franca Benini - Director of Paediatric Palliative Care - Pain Service Department of Women's and Children's Health University of Padua via Giustiniani, 3 35128 Padua, Italy

Chiara Cauzzo

Sabrina Congedi

Liviana Da Dalt

Paola Cogo

Lilia Biscaglia

Luca Giacomelli

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Benini, F., Cauzzo, C., Congedi, S., Da Dalt, L., Cogo, P., Biscaglia, L., & Giacomelli, L. (2019). Training in pediatric palliative care in Italy: still much to do. Annali dell’Istituto Superiore Di Sanità, 55(3), 240–245. Retrieved from
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