Sex workers clients in Italy: results of a phone survey on hiv risk behaviour and perception



Introduction. Sex workers (SW) clients represent a bridge population for HIV transmis-sion from high risk to low risk general population.
Materials and Methods. A cross-sectional anonymous telephone survey was carried out at the AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections Helpline of National Institute of Health in Italy. The questionnaire was proposed on a voluntary basis to a sample of 119 subjects from helpline users.
Results. The 119 participants were all males, aged between 19 and 59 years and mostly accessed female prostitutes. Vaginal intercourses with SW were more frequently report-ed, followed by passive oral, active oral sex and active anal intercourses. Cumulatively, 86.6% and 84.6% of vaginal and anal intercourses were respectively reported as regularly protected by condom.
Discussion. The telephone interview allowed an eased access, a high response rate and a standardised evaluation of questions
Conclusions. It is necessary a constant monitoring of the characteristics, behaviour, risk perception and testing of SW clients in Italian and other populations.

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Ilaria Mulieri

Flavia Santi

Anna Colucci

Emanuele Fanales-Belasio

Pietro Gallo

Anna Maria Luzi

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Mulieri, I., Santi, F., Colucci, A., Fanales-Belasio, E., Gallo, P., & Luzi, A. M. (2014). Sex workers clients in Italy: results of a phone survey on hiv risk behaviour and perception. Annali dell’Istituto Superiore Di Sanità, 50(4), 363–368. Retrieved from
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